Business communications

You cannot not communicate. It’s the number one rule of communication that every leader needs to internalize.

Your employees will look for you to set the strategic long-term direction, to solve their everyday professional and practical challenges, and to be a good and present listener. Of course, your fellow management, the board, the investors, the NGOs and everyone else around you also expect to be kept well informed and have their needs and desires taken into account.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Through thorough stakeholder mapping and analyzing, we plan, structure and help you execute your communication on all platforms. From townhall meetings to social media to preparation for media interviews.

Sustainability is big business – get your share

If sustainability isn’t a focus area in your business, your business is most likely to be one of the first casualties of the climate crises.

Consumers and corporations around the world are looking for sustainable alternatives to their existing products and services, and authorities are setting stricter environmental limits for production. This is good news for inspired businesses.

The global focus on sustainability is – literally – a world of opportunities to develop new products and services or alter existing ones to secure long-time revenue and higher earnings.

Doing good and doing business go hand in hand. And we’re happy to go hand in hand with you to identify your sustainable business opportunities and bring them to life.

Drive the change with communication

The Sustainable Development Goals from the UN is a great place to start. The SDGs have given corporate life a common language for sustainability that sets a target for doing good – as opposed to just avoid polluting or doing harm in your production.

You cannot communicate your business green. But to succeed with your green transition, communication is at the core of generating innovative ideas, getting buy-in from your employees, and pushing the news to customers and new markets.

With our combination of business and communication skills, we are the partner that helps you leverage the SDGs and use them as a framework for business development, innovation, or simply a new way of promoting your existing products or services.

Tactics without strategy is the sound before defeat. And communication without a communication strategy is (often) just noise.

When we draw up a communication strategy, the aim is not just to make a plan for what to communicate when. The ultimate purpose of the communication strategy is to ensure that your communication supports your business goals and takes all stakeholders into account.

Because we set clear objectives for what you want your stakeholders to do and what you want to achieve with your communication, our tools for making a communication strategy help you measure how communication adds value to your business.

Once the strategy is in place, we make a plan. And then we execute.​

Our experienced consultants offer a range of workshops centered around your strategy. We can facilitate the process when you set your business targets, we can help you map and analyze the stakeholders that your success depends on, and we can make sure that you can articulate and present your strategies in a way that motivates your employees and gets support from your board and investors.

When you think communication into your strategy early on in the process, you enhance the likelihood of success for your business operations or change processes.

Are you ready for your next crisis? Either you are not, or you are a liar, because true crises are the ones we can’t imagine.

When a crisis hits, it will be easier to manage if you have identified potential risks, mapped the stakeholders, prepared a Q&A and a plan for who’ll do what in your organization. And even when you encounter a crisis that’s not on your risk list, you still stand (more) prepared.

We can help you identify the issues, prepare the plans and the statement, and train your spokespersons. And of course, we stand next to you 24/7 when the heat is on.

We are ready to use new technologies like Virtual and Augmented Reality in corporate communication and marketing. It’s not a coincidence – it’s because our sister company Virsabi is the leader in delivering Virtual and Augmented Reality to inspired businesses.

VR and AR are powerful tools to get your message across to your audience. Fully utilizing the potential requires a different way of storytelling. We can help you get the script and the messaging right and guide you through the process.​

We have a passion for words. We write content for social media, newsletters, blogs, intranets, websites, magazines, press releases, speeches, and even books. We’re strategic thinkers and good listeners, which means that you get content that matches your tone of voice and influences the audience to move toward your business goals.

We help you structure, simplify, and visualize your ideas, strategy, campaigns, or reports to get your message across.

There’s nothing more dreadful than a too long presentation with too much information on each slide. We help you create an engaging storyline with just the right amount of visual support to get the action you desire from your audience.

Whether we just clean up your slides at the last minute or we build your presentation from scratch, we start by defining your objectives and your target audience. We know the difference between a presentation made for supporting your keynote speech and the one presenting your budget proposal to the board.​

Your professional reputation starts with your LinkedIn profile. We help leaders polish their profiles to match their experience and positions, and we help you use it to activate your network and create advocacy for your company.

LinkedIn is a powerful tool to build and engage your audience. It’s a platform for direct and authentic communication, and it’s the place for you to tell your version of events. Often, it sets the agenda in traditional media as well.

We help you make your profile look good, and we create content for both your personal and company profiles.

As one customer said: “You are the only ones who can write the script, coach our executives, do the filming and edit the video yourselves. That’s why we use you and not one of the specialized video agencies.”

We have great partners among those specialized video agencies, and we’re happy to guide you into a great commercial video setting. When you need to deliver a message from an executive to the internal team, or when you want a short video for your LinkedIn feed introducing your latest idea, we have a fast and flexible set-up that gets the job done and the messages across.​

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